Dear Dr Thornton, Thank you so much for agreeing to operate on my ear.  It was something that has bothered me for years & you have really changed my life! Many, many thanks, ES Dec’12.

Dear Dr Thornton, Just a note to say thank you for giving me back the use of my left hand.  Not only was I impressed by what you said, it’s what you did that really impressed me, from a withered and wasted left hand and forearm to a fully functional limb, thanks to your skill and dedication.  I could never thank you enough for what you have done for me, please extend my sincere thanks to your fantastic team at the LGI.
Sincerely, PN Dec’12.

Dear Mr Thornton, Thank you very much for treating my hand.  The most appreciative thing I would say is that you explained to me in every detail what and why etc. etc.  Normally people are busy but they forget the most important part to explain to the patient.
Thank you once again, with kind regards, HS Aug’12.

Dear Mr Thornton, Thank you so much for carrying out the procedure under my eye.  It has really boosted my confidence and made me feel a lot less self-conscious.
I really appreciate how nice you and your team were throughout the whole process.  I can’t thank you enough! HS Apr’12.

Thanks Mr Thornton, Please will you say a big thank you to all your team.  I didn’t feel too brave at having the op but every one of them helped me with their kindness and smiles.
A very big thanks once again, JC Mar’12.

Dan, Just a quick note to say thanks very much for you and your team’s efforts in ‘repairing’ me.
I’m not fully aware still of what was required while I was under your care, but as you saw last time it certainly worked!
Thanks again, NL Mar’12.

To Doctor Thornton, Words can’t express how you have changed my life!  Thank you for everything with kindest regards, DF Feb’12.

Dear Dr Thornton, I am writing to thank you for making my ears look so natural now that they no longer stick out.  Because you have made my ears look so great people in school won’t say nasty things about them to me anymore.
Now I feel much more confident and happy as I can blend in with everyone else, and I will be able to enjoy high school.
Once more I would like to say a great big massive thank you!  It was the best Christmas present ever.  You are a great surgeon and I think my ears look fantastic!!!!  Yours sincerely, LR Jan’12.

Dear Dr Thornton, Big thank you to you and the team for putting my elbow back together last Christmas.  Despite my horrible injury I only have good words about the whole experience.
Best wishes (I am forever in debt), CM Dec’11.

To Mr Thornton & the outpatient team, Thank you for your support & kindness throughout the whole operation process, SW Nov’11.